Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, send an email to

When you purchased Free to Paid Coach, you received a login and password for the member site. If you are a former Confident Coaches client, you also have maintained access through our previous Terms of Use.

You have lifetime access to the membersite with your purchase of Free to Paid Coach. Lifetime access is the lifetime of the program. If and when Free to Paid Coach comes to an end, your membership will end. Please review the Terms of Use you agreed to when you purchased the program here.

The member section contains video modules and workbooks covering the process for Free to Paid Coach. If you are also a current member of Path to 100K, you will also find your materials here as well.

You will also find links to your Facebook community, the live coaching schedules, and replays.

The Bonuses section contains additional information that is outside of the Free to Paid Coach process, but may be helpful in signing clients. At a minimum, let’s all marvel at how much Amy has changed over the years.

I guarantee if you follow the Free to Paid Coach process, show up to live coaching, do the coaching in the workbooks, apply the information through action, and be open for the discomfort of transformation that awaits you – I guarantee you will become a confident, paid coach and make your money back.

But you have to do the work. The Amy Latta team and your peers are by your side every step of the way.

If you are a Path to 100K member, your guarantee outlined in the Confidence Clause of the Terms of Use, which you can review here.

This is fabulous news!

If you are now a paid coach, or create $5000, make sure you click on the celebration button in the banner on the main page of the member site. Submit your information, and we will celebrate you!

You may also post any of these achievements in the Facebook Group so you can celebrate with your peers inside Free to Paid Coach.

Many coaches are able to deduct the cost of coaching as a business expense on their taxes. Please consult your tax accountant or preparer first.

You may be able to use your payment confirmation email as a receipt. You may also access a downloadable receipt from the Account page of the membersite.

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